Islam in the West & Why are so many coming to Islam

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Because Islam is a complete way of life, it tells man about the purpose of his creation and existence, his ultimate destiny and his place among other creatures and more importantly, it provides him with guidance to lead a balanced and purposeful life, which will enable him to avoid the hellfire and be rewarded with a place in paradise in the life after death. Simply put, Islam is to “obey God.”

islam-in-westIn spite that Islam in Western societies is seen as anti-progressive, and oppressive, in which women’s rights are very limited, if any. Surprisingly more and more western women are embracing Islam. It’s difficult to single out the main cause, but generally it is the overall appeal that Islam offers, has been the motivating factor.

Those who have embraced Islam come from all disciplines: Catholic priest, bishops, chaplains, born-agains, scientists, doctors, army personnel, naval officers, ambassadors, teachers, students, radical Jews, Hindus, writers, professionals, journalists, feminists, pop stars and the list goes on.

In a not so recent poll in the U.S it was reported that hundreds of thousands of people per year are embracing Islam. For every one male convert to Islam, four females convert to Islam. Why? Statistically speaking, of those who embrace Islam, 65-75% are women because the dignity and rights that they find in Islam are unsurpassed by any social order of modern time.

According to “The Almanac Book of Facts,” the population of women converting to Islam increased 137% within the past decade, Christianity increased 46%, while Islam increased 235%. Islam asks of us to ponder, and those who do, consider making the most significant decision they will ever make in their lives, infinitely more important than the choice of career, food, or marriage; one that will affect the very core of their being for the remaining part of their lives, and most importantly will also have serious consequences in the life hereafter.

Why are so many coming to Islam?

The age-old misconceptions about Islam and Muslims are in fact attracting more people today than in the past. In Islam people see devout adherence and unparalleled simplicity that is not witnessed elsewhere. There is nothing magical about it but rather it is a way of life that chooses to worship an unseen God while you go about performing your daily life. Another area of relative interest is the concept of sin and salvation in Islam.

To name the views of some:

  • The late Aminah Assilmi was an ambassador of Islam, initially a devout Christian, her contact with a convert to Islam prompted her to seriously investigate Islam and to conclude that “many Christians are sincere, but they are sincerely wrong”.
  • Idris Tawfiq, who has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Manchester and a degree in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Rome, embraced Islam.
  • Muslim women’s sense of sisterhood makes “Wester feminism pale into insignificance”, says Yvonne Ridley, the tabloid journalist who converted to Islam after her experiences in a Taleban Jail. Where she claim that not a finger was laid on her nor was she mistreated during her captivity. Her study of the Quran after her release left her with no choice other than to embrace Islam.
  •  Yusuf Estes, from ex-Christian minister to Muslim Chaplain.
  • The Tanzania-born British, educated at a famous Roman Catholic monastic school, embraced Islam in 1988 and is now actively involved in Islamic propagation activities. “While on one hand the Christians describe God to be eternal and infinite, they feel no compunctions in ascribing birth of God from the womb of Mary. Study of the Holy Quran immediately attracted me.” Says Abdul Raheem Green.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Lan, an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the university of Kansas, one of the biggest university in the USA, embraced Islam. He is author of many books including: Struggling to Surrender, Even Angels Ask, and Losing my Religion: A Call for Help
  • Dr. Jerald Dirks journey to Islam. He is a former minister (deacon) of the United Methodist Church and a biblical scholar. He Holds a Master’s degree in Divinity from Harvard University and a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Denver. Author of “The Cross and the Crescent: An interfaith dialogue between Christianity and Islam”, and “Abraham: The Friend of God”. He has published over 60 articles in the field of clinical psychology, and over 150 articles on Arabian horses.

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